"My family" application is the most convenient and accurate service to determine the location of your family members and view their movement history. You do not have to register or open an account, we do not request your phone numbers. There is no reference to personal data! We do not store either the chat history or information about the subscriber location. All the data is stored only on the phones of our users. Our servers transmit only "impersonal" information between users. You can be absolutely sure that no stranger will learn your child location is or will be able to read your messages. However, this also means that once you have replaced the phone or reset to default, the application will perceive you as a new user.

Attention! For proper app operation, you must enable location services and grant access to Internet! Mobile Internet is required to transmit location data when the user is in motion!
Google services must be enabled. If your device has a startup manager, battery use optimizer - you need to add the app to these software lists!!! Be sure to check the "Checking the settings"section. However, some models require individual settings for proper operation of the application in the background mode.

If you have not found the answer to your question in this Help or FAQ section on our website please contact our support team

Icon interpretation

  • - menu
  • - update data
  • - edit first name
  • - family chat
  • - movement history
  • - map a route
  • - forced call
  • - forced snapshot
  • - delete
  • - delete the user
  • - additional menu
  • - map zooming
  • - show me on map
  • - switching the map type to satellite
  • - SOS button
  • - Add the user


A list of all families to which you belong, see "Home" section in the menu.

Creation of a new family

  1. Enter the Menu
  2. Select "Home" section
  3. Press "Create a new family"
  4. The family creation page will be opened. Type in the name of your family. We do not recommend to choose a standard name. Select the family icon. Once created, you will not be able to replace the family name and icon!
  5. Press the button "Create a family"

Family Administrator

The user who created the family is its Administrator and can delete other users! The Administrator name is displayed next to icon in the list of all families in the "Home" menu section
If you wish to replace the Administrator in your family please contact the support team

Adding new users to the family

  1. Press the button on the Map screen.
  2. An "Invite to the family" window will be opened and a 6-digit invite code will be generated. Share this code personally or send it by SMS or email. The user will need to install the application and enter this invitation code. The invite code will only be valid for 3 days! You can invite only one participant using one code!

Entering the Family

  1. Enter the Menu
  2. Select the "Invitations" item
  3. Press "Enter the code..."
  4. Enter the 6-digit invitation code.
  5. Press the button "Enter the family".

Leaving the Family

  1. Click on icon and select "Leaving the family"
  2. Confirm Leaving the Family.

Once you have left the family you will not be able to return to it without invitation made by the existing family members.
The family Administrator can not log out or delete the family while other users stay in it. He must first delete all users. The Administrator will see an additional icon displayed in the profile of other users.

Avatar icon and First name

First name and picture (or icon) are used in the application as avatar icon. Only the users themselves can set their names and change avatar icons.

If you wish to set an avatar icon

  1. Enter the Menu
  2. Press the circle with an image. An avatar selection window will be opened.
  3. Select the image you like or download the picture.

Once your avatar icon is changed it will be updated in the profiles of other users within 1-2 minutes.

If you wish to set your name

  1. Enter the Menu
  2. Click on
  3. Enter the name in the character field appeared
  4. Press the button to save

User profile

Click on the user icon at the bottom of the Map screen to open the user profile.

You have the options as follows in the user profile:

  1. Map a route to this user . Available in Premium version
  2. View its movement history
  3. Make a forced call with or without video to the user having Kids mode installed
  4. Make a forced snapshot to the user having Kids mode installed. Available in Premium version.
  5. Delete this user if you are the Administrator of this family
  6. Check the time of its location last update, its location address, accuracy of coordinates obtaining, battery charge.
  7. Disable receiving alarm signal from this user
  8. Hide my location from this user. Available in Premium version


  1. Enter the Menu
  2. Select the "Settings" item

Settings/Colour theme of application

The application supports 15 colour themes. To change the colour scheme, please click on any of coloured squares you like. The application layout will only change for your phone, each user installs it according to its own preferences

Settings/Checking the Settings

This section is designed to help you configure your device to ensure proper operation of the app. Be sure to check this section on all devices of your family members. All corresponding boxes must be ticked with green check marks! Click on "fix" and follow application instructions in order to correct errors

Settings/Selecting the map

You can change map type in this section. Click on the map name (Google map is used by default) and select any from the list. We are constantly adding new maps as recommended by our users.


You have following options in this section:

  1. To set the coordinates renewal interval in this phone in the background mode. From once in 5 minutes (1 minute in a Premium version) to once daily. Attention! The shorter the renewal interval, the higher the battery consumption will be. Keep also in mind that if someone opened the Map screen in the family, the application will request coordinates from all family members every 30 seconds!
  2. Hide your location from all users. Set the renewal interval to "Never"
  3. Disable recording of your movement history. Your movement history will not be saved in profiles of other users in the family
  4. Switch on Enhanced quality of your geolocation. Use this mode if coordinates of your phone are not accurate or out of the coverage. The GPS module will operate in this mode a little longer and geolocation quality will increase

Settings/Selecting the language

Localisation is chosen automatically based on phone settings. If you need to install a different language for some reason, please select a language from the list in the "Language" section. Once a different language is installed, the application will be localized automatically.

Settings/Kids mode

Kids mode allows you to lock setting change function in the app for the specific family member. You may not quit the family and invite someone to the family. You will be able to make forced voice calls and forced snapshots and capture on video using your phone camera with installed Kids mode.

If you wish to enable Kids mode on the child's phone:

  1. Enter the Menu
  2. Select the "Settings" item
  3. Turn the switch on in the Kids mode section. If you install Kids mode on this phone for the first time, you will be requested the access permission to microphone and camera. You must enable this access
  4. Create a password in the appeared window and retype it. The password should contain at least 6 characters
  5. Please specify your email address for password recovery.
  6. Click on OK button if there are no red warnings next to the button

Kids mode will be enabled on this phone afterwards. And you will be able to cancel this mode only by using the password set.

Forced call

You can make forced calls to phones with Kids mode installed. VOIP technology is used for this purpose. You need a high-quality Internet on both devices.

  1. Enter the user profile
  2. Click on icon
  3. Select enable or disable your microphone and make a call with video or without video.
  4. Click on call

Call duration is limited to 30 seconds in a free version. In a Premium version - to 10 min.

Forced snapshots from the camera

You can make forced snapshots from the phone camera with installed Kids mode. You can select the camera you wish to use - front or rear camera. Pictures are stored in the application cache and deleted automatically after 10 snapshots are saved

Places (Geofences)

With Places you can receive notifications of users who arrived or left the Places you created. For example, you can receive notification after your child came to school, or husband returned home

Creating a Place

If you wish to create a Place:

  1. Click for a long time on any place on map which will then be used as a geofence until the "New place" window appears
  2. Type in the Place name. Select the Place icon and set the desired Place radius from 150m to 1km.
  3. Click on "Create a Place"

The map will show a new token and new Place radius. As a default, all family members are added to the notifications of arrival or departure from this Place.

Excluding the user from the Place

If you wish to exclude the user from the notifications of Places, please proceed as follows:

  1. Find the Place token on map.
  2. Click on the token and select the required user in the appeared window
  3. Turn the switches on arrival or departure to the desired positions

If a new member has entered your family after creation of Places, you need to enable notifications for him/her in a way described above. Each family member creates his/her own Places and only he/she receives notifications from these geofences. Other users will not see your Places. Notifications of arrival or departure from a Place are sent to you in a family chat.

Deleting the Place

To delete a Place, you need to find this Place on map and slightly click exactly on the Place icon. Afterwards click on Trash icon (icon) in the lower right corner. .

Movement history(tracking)

My family application allows to view the movement history of all your family members. Tracking data stay in the memory for 3 years!

How this works:

When the app refreshed its coordinates (in accordance with refreshment rate), it transmits the coordinates at the same moment to the family members for recording in the movement history. And if some device is not connected to the Internet it will not receive these coordinates. This point in the history will be omitted. Therefore, the history of one family member on different devices may contain a different number of points. The quality of coordinate transmission is also low when the user moves with a high speed (by car).

If you wish to view the movement history, please proceed as follows:

  1. Enter ther user profile
  2. Click on the "History" button
  3. Select the desired date.
  4. You will see a map of user movements generated or a message that no data are available for the period selected.
  5. Move the slider to view it

You can disable recording of your history movement in the app settings in the "Location" section

Alarm button (SOS button)

There is an Alarm button in the app for emergencies . Click on the button and the whole family will receive a loud acoustic signal. The signal will be automatically switched off in 10 seconds. If you wish to switch off signal receiving, you may do it for each user separately in the Profile of this family member.